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Material: SUS304 Stainless steel

Heating Form: Steam heating

Doors: Two doors/One door

Trolley: Two trolley, each 250kg, totally 500kg.

Specifications: Steam heated smokehouse for processing sausage, ham, bacon, poultry and fish products.

Standard function: Reddening, Drying, Cooking, Smoking and optional backing and cold smoke


1. Vertical RUN-FLOW air technology to guarantee the consistency

2. Touch-screen and PLC control

3. Automatic clean system

4. Modular unit with full-welding stainless steel construction

5. Ramp design for trolley

Technical Data
TypeCapacity(t/h)External Dimension(mm)Power (KW)Steam Pressure(MPa)Max High Pressure 
Temperature (℃)
Max Low Pressure
Temperature (℃)
Air consumption
QXZ 1/12501275×1140×164960.4~0.8MPa100≤1007012001
QXZ 1/25002520×2250×32681014024002
QXZ 2/25002530×2260×32781014025002

1. Max. temperature: 100°C

2. Capacity : 2 trolleys (ref.500Kg) 1 trolley (ref 250kg)

3. Dimension (ref. the outline drawing) and trolley size.

Equipment Parts



Computerized automatic control, big touch screen. Parameters can be shown in one

control interface. 100 recipes could be restored.

Smoke Generator:

External woodchip fired smoke generator with adjustable smoke amount and density and fire alarm.

Material: SUS304 Stainless steel, wood was put in the hopper, when there is smoking signal from PLC, electric heating the woods to generate smoke smell. The dust will fall into the locker.


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